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Men’s Health Testing

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Men’s Health Testing

Men’s Health Testing

This June, Biorex Diagnostics are focusing on Men’s Health Testing for Men’s Health Week (12th – 18th June 2023). Regular health screening for men is vital to aid in the early detection of several diseases, including: diabetes, heart disease and prostate cancer 1.



Men are at an increased risk of developing diabetes from lower levels of weight gain and fat build up compared to women, meaning that men have a lower BMI than women when developing diabetes. Unlike women, men can experience unique effects from diabetes including erectile dysfunction (ED), recurrent gentile thrush and reduced muscle mass. Uncontrolled diabetes can be life-threatening. All men over the age of 45 who are overweight should get tested for diabetes 2.


Heart Disease

Men develop heart disease roughly 10 years earlier than women. Erectile dysfunction is an early indicator of heart disease in men. Men who have ED but no other risk factor for cardiovascular disease are at an 80% increased risk of developing cardiovascular issues with 10 years. Reduced testosterone levels have also been identified a cardiovascular and metabolic risk factor 3.


Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most occurring cancer in men and the 4th most common cancer overall. In 2020, there were 1.4 million new cases of prostate cancer 4. The risk of prostate cancer increases with age, with most cases diagnosed in men over the age of 50. Prostate cancer is higher in those who are black or Asian. Prostate cancer also has a genetic link. Those with a father or brother who developed prostate cancer before the age of 60 or a close female relative who developed breast cancer, have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Moreover, obesity and diet also have links with an increased risk of prostate cancer 5.


Biorex Diagnostics Panel

Biorex Diagnostics offer several products to aid in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer diagnosis.

Quote our promotional code ‘MEN23’ when ordering from the Biorex Men’s Testing Panel throughout June 2023.


Diabetes Panel

Product Product Type
Albumin Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Albumin System Reagent
β2Microglobulin Clinical Chemistry Reagent
β2Microglobulin System Reagent
C-Peptide ELISA
Creatinine Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Creatinine System Reagent
Cystatin C Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Cystatin C System Reagent
Cystatin C Calibrator & Controls
D-3-Hydroxybutyrate Clinical Chemistry Reagent
D-3-Hydroxybutyrate System Reagent
D-3-Hydroxybutyrate Calibrator & Controls
Fructosamine Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Fructosamine System Reagent
Fructosamine Calibrator & Controls
Glucose Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Glucose System Reagent
HbA1c Clinical Chemistry Reagent
HbA1c System Reagent
HbA1c Calibrator & Controls
Insulin ELISA
Microalbumin Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Microalbumin System Reagent
Microalbumin Calibrator & Controls
NEFA Clinical Chemistry Reagent
NEFA System Reagent


Cardiovascular Panel

Product Product Type
Apolipoprotein Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Apolipoprotein System Reagent
Apolipoprotein Calibrator
Cardiac Controls
Cholesterol (HDL) Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Cholesterol (HDL) System Reagent
Cholesterol (HDL/LDL) Calibrator
Cholesterol (LDL) Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Cholesterol (LDL) System Reagent
Cholesterol (Total) Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Cholesterol (Total) System Reagent
CRP Clinical Chemistry Reagent
CRP System Reagent
CRP Calibrator & Controls
CRP (High Sensitivity) ELISA
CK-MB Clinical Chemistry Reagent
CK-MB System Reagent
CK-MB Calibrator & Controls
Free Testosterone ELISA
Homocysteine Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Homocysteine System Reagent
Homocysteine Calibrator & Controls
Lipids Calibrator & Controls
Lipoprotein(a) Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Lipoprotein(a) System Reagent
Lipoprotein(a) Calibrator & Controls
Testosterone ELISA
Testosterone CLIA
Total Lipid Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Triglycerides Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Triglycerides System Reagent
Troponin-I Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Troponin-I Calibrator & Controls
Troponin-I ELISA
Troponin-T Controls


Prostate Cancer

Product Product Type



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