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HDL Cholesterol

In the first step of the reaction, Anti Human lipoprotein antibody binds to lipoproteins other than HDL. The complexes thus formed inhibit enzyme reactions when the reagent 2 is added. Cholesterol Oxidsase and Cholesterol Esterase in the R2 react only with HDL C. Hydrogen Peroxide produced by the enzyme reaction with HDL C produces a blue colour complex upon oxidative condensation of F-DOAS and 4 Amino Antipyrine in the presence of Peroxidase. By measuring the absorbance of the Blue coloured complex, HDL C concentration is quantitated.

Biorex Diagnostics manufactures HDL reagents designed for Hitachi 917 and Olympus AU600/400/640/2700.

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Product Name Details CAT.No Size
HDL Cholesterol Suitable for Hitachi 917 HIT0421A R1: 6 x 40ml R2: 4 x 20ml
HDL Cholesterol Suitable for Hitachi 917 HIT0421G R1: 6 x 20ml R2: 2 x 20ml
HDL Cholesterol Direct Suitable for use on Olympus System AU600, AU400, AU640, AU2700 OLY0421H R1: 6 x 30ml R2: 2 x 30ml


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