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The Biorex Diagnostics Amylase kit is intended for the quantitative in vitro determination of Amylase in serum, plasma and urine. The α-Amylases catalyze the hydrolytic degradation of polymeric carbohydrates such as amylose, amylopectin and glycogen by cleaving glucosidic bonds.

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Product Name Format CAT.No Size
Amylase Benzylidene Blocked pNPG7 Lyp BXC0561A R1: 1 x 30ml R2: 5 x 5ml
Amylase CNPG3 LS BXC0562A R1: 6 x 10ml
Amylase CNPG3 LS BXC0562B R1: 10 x 10ml
Amylase EPS-pNPG7 (IFCC) LS BXC0563A R1: 1 x 25ml R2: 1 x 5ml
Amylase EPS-pNPG7 (IFCC) LS BXC0563B R1: 2 x 25ml R2: 2 x 5ml
Amylase EPS-pNPG7 (IFCC) LS BXC0563D R1: 1 x 100ml R2: 1 x 20ml
Amylase, Pancreatic (LS) EPS-pNPG7 (IFCC) LS BXC0564A R1: 5 x 10ml R2: 5 x 2ml


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