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The Biorex Diagnostics ALP kit is intended for use in the quantitative determination of Alkaline Phosphatase in Serum or Plasma. Alkaline phosphatase reacts with p-nitrophenyl phosphate to form p-nitrophenol, the rate of formation of which is directly proportional to the levels of alkaline phosphatase.

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Product Name Format CAT.No Size
ALP DEA (DGKC) Lyo BXC0181A R1: 5 x 20ml R2: 5 x 20ml
ALP DEA (DGKC) Lyo BXC0181C R1: 1 x 105ml R2: 10 x 10ml
ALP DEA (DGKC) Lyo BXC0181D R1: 1 x 65ml R2: 20 x 3ml
ALP Colorimetric LS BXC0183A R1: 1 x 50ml R2: 2 x 125ml R4: 1 x 5ml
ALP AMP (IFCC) LS BXC0184A R1: 5 x 25ml R2: 1 x 25ml
ALP AMP (IFCC) LS BXC0184B R1: 5 x 50ml R2: 1 x 50ml
ALP DEA (DGKC) LS BXC0185A R1: 5 x 25ml R2: 1 x 25ml
ALP DEA (DGKC) LS BXC0185B R1: 5 x 50ml R2: 1 x 50ml
ALP DEA (DGKC) LS BXC0185C R1: 5 x 100ml R2: 1 x 100ml
ALP DEA (DGKC) 4+1 LS BXC0187A R1: 1 x 100ml R2: 1 x 25ml


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