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Plasma Control

The Biorex Diagnostics Plasma Control Level 2 is intended for checking Precision and Accuracy for Coagulation assays  PT, APTT and Fibrinogen.

Haemostasis is the natural process in which blood flow slows and a clot forms to prevent blood loss when an injury occurs, with haemo- meaning blood, and stasis meaning stopping. During hemostasis, blood changes from a fluid liquid to a gelatinous state.

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Product Name CAT.No Size
Plasma Control Level I COAG108A 1 x 1ml
Plasma Control Level I COAG108B 5 x 1ml
Plasma Control Level I & II COAG112A 2 x 5 x 1ml
Plasma Control Level II COAG109A 1 x 1ml
Plasma Control Level II COAG109B 5 x 1ml



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